Axion is a first / third person shooter featuring RPG and survival gameplay. The game is playable in single or multiplayer, both including a large open world, character development and storyline.

Specific controls can be displayed while playing the game by pressing "C".
The following is a guide covering the basics of gameplay in Axion.

Your thirst, food and stamina are displayed in the top left corner of the screen. Health, ammo and current weapons are in the top right corner. You will have to begin searching for food, drinks and supplies. If you become dehydrated or starve you will die. You will need a splint if you sustain a fracture, which occurs when you are badly injured. To craft these you need to cut down trees and craft rags from clothing. The sticks and rags will then be used to make splints.

Use the map to navigate by pressing M. Your current location is displayed on the right side of the HUD. At the farthest northern part of the map, X=265. In the extreme south, X=-265. The western most point is at Y=-265 and in the east, Y=265.

Air Drops:
Every 15 minutes you will hear a plane fly overhead and a radio announcement declaring the location of the air drop. If you collect the crate from the location and bring it to the city at the center of the map, there is a vendor with a sign that says "Meds" Step up to the counter and you will be rewarded with money and random in game items.

In the city at the center of the map, there are vendors that sell various items that provide powerful status effects. Simply step up to the counter to purchase an item. You can earn money to purchase these items by returning air drops or completing storyline missions. You can also buy these items remotely if you find a tablet. These can be found in the large houses with fenced yards or at the top of multi-story buildings. To use the tablet, open your inventory and click on the tablet icon on the left side of the HUD. Click "buy" next to the desired item and click the power button to turn off the tablet.

There are two NPCs in the city who provide missions for you. They will request certain tasks be completed and reward you with money, experience and in game items. To follow the story line, approach the vendor and follow his instructions. To review your current task, press "Q".

Harvesting Trees:
To complete the first two missions, you will need to cut down trees and do some crafting. To cut down a tree, approach it with an axe and press the left mouse button to swing. Trees that can be harvested will always be found near buildings in towns and are different in appearance from the other trees.

To craft the desired items, click on an item in your inventory and a menu will appear with the available crafting options. If you attempt to craft an item and do not have the correct materials, a message will be displayed telling you which items you need.

To craft a fishing pole, you will need 3 rags and 3 sticks. Select the sticks in your inventory and choose to craft the pole. When you are finished, you will need to find a pond to catch fish. Make sure the fishing pole is in your hand before you approach the water. Then, walk into the water and wait. You will hear a splashing sound when you catch a fish and it will be added to your inventory.

The pond where you can catch fish is located here:

To obtain pork, kill a pig with a melee weapon. To cook the fish and pork in your inventory, you will need to craft a campfire. To do this, you will need to find clothing and craft rags. You will also need to cut down trees to craft planks and sticks. When you have logs,planks,rags and sticks, click on the button next to the planks in your inventory and choose "craft campfire". If you have the correct materials, the campfire will be made and your food will begin cooking. You have to stand still while the fire is going to collect your food, so find a safe place to cook.

There are areas of the world that have a high level of radiation. If your screen suddenly blurs and your character begins breathing heavily and vomiting, you need to find another route. Radiation detectors can be found in the large multi-story buildings throughout the world or at the farm houses indicated on the map. They are in cases on the ground that can be searched by pressing E. The cases don't always contain a radiation detector but there is currently a 50% chance of finding one. If you have one in your inventory, the radiation detector will generate noise when you get too close to a dangerous area. If you become sick from radiation, the word "sick" will be displayed at the top of the screen indicating the status effect. Your health will slowly decrease over time until you are able to use a first aid kit.

Collecting items, completing tasks and survival time all increase your experience. This will occasionally increase your player's level. Each time your level is increased, you will be awarded one skill point. Press "P" to open the menu that allows you to choose how you would like to distribute your skill points. Each category and it's effect is described in game. All categories max out at level 10 and your player level is capped at 70.

Select the item in your inventory and choose "trade". An image of the item will appear at the center of the screen. Bump into your friend's character while the image is displayed and the selected item will will be given to them.

There are bicycles that you can find throughout Axion. Riding a bicycle will allow you to travel at a higher rate of speed but you will not be able to use weapons while riding. Once you've found a bicycle, open your inventory and click on the bike icon on the left side of the HUD. Your character will mount the bicycle and you can begin riding. To get off the bicycle, stop moving and your character will automatically dismount.